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Dr. Parasharun Raj

Bharat Bhusan Awardee (no. 110H/9/16)

Nowadays vastu shastra and all scientific Sciences have become popular and famous not Only in India but also worldwide. Here we have come up with our founder and the main administrator sri. Dr. parasharun raj PhD. He is a famous and responsible person regarding the science of astrology, vastu, and geo. He when being a young figure was inspired by his father who was also a great astrologer k Krishna raju.

He started his learning in early 20s he started to analyse that all these sciences exist and show great responses so being a responsible citizen he decided to start serving people.


Vastu & Geo

Are You Building House? Clear your doubts related to Design, Layout & Measurement.

Astrology Consultation

Solve problems & get future predictions through astrology solutions


What’s your lucky number? Little tweaks in numerical here and there can be very lucky for you.


Get to know the answers to every question related to your future & past.


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Vastu shastra is a traditional Indian System of architecture originating in India. Texts from the Indian sub continent describes principles of design,layout, measurement, ground preperation space arrangement and spatial geometry. Vastu shastra incroporate traditional Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. When it comes to a person’s life even the vastu plays a crucial role in a person’s life. If there are some imbalances and varies in the house it causes many acute problems such as health depleads and mental instability and unpeaceful environmenet. All these happens when the vastu of a house is instable. when there is geopatical stress in the ground and negative energy filled in the house. So we being complicate to there delicate things and situations we need to bravely stabilize these energies to create peacefulness and a pleasant house. As a Vastu Consultant myself ACHARYA DR. K . PARASHARAN RAJ Phd. Suggest various types of remedies based on the situation and geography of the house. We have all types of remedies for an place, person or a thing which can acompany you to success, progress and peacefulness in your life. Now let us see what are the problems, their effects and remidies for all such problem.
Geopathie telluric energyies: There are certain energies we get exposed to which are emitted from the earth and formes negetive clouds around us. We being aware of these try to diagnise such energies, these energies are various in number from Hareman grids to every line (geopathic sress) that causes severe health issues such as improper sleep, tiredness and no tenderness to do anything and upset everytime and also which leads to hardships in life. All these depend on the stress which is emitted from earth under ground .To stabilize such stress and stress lines we being aware and seen all these prefer some remidies as per which is satisfied by various instruments which are scientific and keep the energies stablized.

PANCH MAHABHOOT: Mahabhuta being a sankrit word suggests ‘great elements’’ However very few scholars define the five manabhulas in a broader sense as the fine fundamental aspects of physical reality. As for hinduism there is elements are as follows earth (prithvi), water (jala), fire (tejas), wind , (vayu) and space (akasha). Knowledge of the five elements allows the Yogi to understand the laws of nature and to use yoga to attain greater health power, knowledge, wisdom and happiness When in a house A person is ill with quite many health issues in marmastanas (Vastu purush) related when there is imbalance in the panch tatna of the structure of the House also sometimes by the substances which are kept in certain direction can effect in Panchatatva imbalance which great elements”, is called marina points. It all relies on the growth of walls or to pillars in a house according to vastupurush. Vastu there will be particular parts de-functioning and helplessness on that when in such situation. We make consultations and provide the supreme remedies to fix there sort of growths this or imbalance of this panch tatna to make it balanced without destroying any part of the house. some remedies include the effective color therapy (wall) and color therapy for the land (base/floor) to balance the Panchatatva by locating the positions of certain things and elements. All these remedies are done for problems which are caused by improper structure of a house building or a place. We do such remedies keeping the problem and the cure in mind.

Some energies emitted from the things or environment which can also change the energy of the house. so we give remedies to place the right thing in right place. . Sometimes there are so many business problems and financial issue. We also taking care of all this make a supreme remedy which need to be practiced and purely made. Yes, it is the Yantra. Such yantra’s have very effective energy. We write special Yantras such as Sri lakshmi Narayana Yantra(home) NARAGHOSHA YANTRA (Marriage) ,JANAKAR -SHANA YANTRA (Business) SUDARSHANA YANTRA, VYAPARA VRIDHI YANTRA (profit) , KANU DRUSHTI YANTRA and many Vastu yantras are also available

Sometimes the problem might be quite serious that a person is really affected mentally and both physically. But as per our experience we can tell that the person is mostly affected mentally when a person is mentally effected. It is surely a serious problem so when this happens please be free to come to us. We bring experienced and delicately manage the situation in which we first council them then we give remedies such as AROMA THERAPY which need to be used as prescribed and we also give effective and probably really working. We also give simple remedies according to the situation such as TAYATS , HAND STERILIZERS etc…

when there is a newly building house (mainly constructing) we make money remedies such as SHANKU STAPANA and also many Other poojas are done in which instruments are placed under ground. We also provide Architectural house plan which is designed according to vastu.

when A person is still effected both financially and personally, mentally and health wise, we suggest to see the JATAKA of the particular person. we see their HORAS NAKSHARAS and many more and figure out the problem and give Remidies for it such as Gem stone balance, Jataka related balances, Yantra Plate pendent, Yantra Ring and many more things are done to person profitable and healthy.

when there is a situation where there is still a bit of unsatisfaction, we do Numerology mainly based on names. We check the Numerology with legendary and scientific methods which is changed according to the phyramidical equations and calculated with the supreme and best name suggestions.